DELL goes retail, too — A3

Dell will start selling its PC in 3500 Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club stores on June 10.

Dell was exceptionally successful with its direct sales strategy until recently. HP took the No.1 spot in the PC industry last year as Dell’s direct sale lost its momentum. Now consumers care not only how powerful but also how beautiful the PC is. It’s not very easy to sense the beauty of the laptop you’re buying over the phone or on the internet. Dell recognized the importance of brick & mortar stores and opened its own retail chains just like Apple. However, it seems that HP and acer’s strategy to sell within established general stores like Wal-Mart and electronics stores like Best Buy is an even better idea than Dell’s own B&M retail stores.

As a loyal Dell customer, I’m looking forward to the brighter future of the cooperation of two giants.

By the way, Lenovo was doing very well in the last fiscal quarter.  With the surging Thinkpad sales, Lenovo bounces back to profit. Especially, Lenovo’s America operations turned to profitability for the first time after the acquisition of IBM’s thinkpad brand.