Hi, John, your tutor is calling from India — P1

Nike is making most of its shoes in China. Dell’s new customer service center is located in New Delhi. Offshore outsourcing in manufacturing, service, software and etc has lowered American business operation cost. You may also lower your financial burden by outsourcing your personal life offshore. Now with the easy access of the internet and growing proficiency of computer use, it’s possible for individuals to find an outsourcer online and get his work done cheaply.

A wide range of routine tasks can be done digitally, across time zones and without face time. Typical outsourcing projects include graphics design ( for example, sports team logo design, change-of-address card and book illustration), personal website design and coding, accounting, tutoring and etc. For example, an accounting firm in India can prepare your personal income tax return and charge you only one third of what an American tax preparer like H&R Block charges. The only drawback is that you still have to file as “self-prepared” because the return is not prepared by an U.S. certified accountant. But people experienced the service were happy with the work. The firm was able to get all the deductions an U.S. accountant used to find. Tutoring is also an popular outsourcing service. Compared to the $40-per-hour tutoring fee some U.S. company changes, $99 a month with unlimited access to the tutors seems a sweet bargain. Tutors from TutorVista, an online tutoring service basd in Banglore, India, hook up with the tutee via headset, a digital tablet and instant messaging.

Customers can locate outsourcers through online marketplaces like elance.com, guru.com and etc where you can post your project descriptions online. Freelance professionals registered on these websites can bid for your project. You can choose from these bidders based on the vendor rating and sample works listed on the website. Once you selected a vendor, you pay through the website. Thus you don’t have to give your credit card number to an unknown merchant thousands of miles away. The posting is free for customers but freelance professionals must pay to register on the websites.

Just like American industry did, U. S. freelancers begin to feel the pressure from offshore outsourcing. Vendors undercut each other to stay competitive on the auction websites. However, it’s pretty hard for U.S. vendors to compete with offshore companies where wages and other operation costs are significantly lower.


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